Shark Channel is THE online channel for startups and investors acting globally.

Shark Channel wants to reinvigorate entrepreneurship through a global platform that precisely matches talents (Founders) with resources (Investors).

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Our Mission

Bringing together Founders (startups and ventures) and Investors (Venture Capitalists, Business Angels) from all over the world, fostering international collaboration.

To provide value-added services to Founders and Investors by giving them a platform to offer and obtain funding and other business resources.

To facilitate closer connections between Founders and Investors by allowing Founders to directly appeal to Investors through an intimate, personalized video.

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  • Create an Account
  • Update personal Information
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  • Free basic subscription
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We Give You That Little Extra

An International Outlook

The best ideas come from the most unexpected places. By expanding the Shark Channel network to include like-minded individuals and private venture organizations worldwide, we create fertile ground for productive collaborations between parties from diverse backgrounds who enhance each other’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses.

Resources Beyond Financing

While funding is doubtless important, no amount of money can buy the expertise that stems from years of corporate experience, which is vital to steer a startup through its challenging first few years. But financing is just one part. Startups have also other requests/ needs like distribution channels, production capacity, administration support, qualified management capacity, etc.  On Shark Channel, founders will be able to request also for such resources. On the other hand, Investors with their experiences and resources are able to offer them.

Swiss Efficiency and Precision

Switzerland, our homeland, is renowned for having the world’s most efficient watches, public transport, banking system etc. We incorporate that famed precision into our platform through enabling startups to accurately pinpoint their specific needs and request exactly that from investors with the right resources to help them – no waste, no fuss.

The Human Touch

Investing in a startup bears a certain resemblance to dating – if there is no chemistry, the partnership will soon falter. Nonetheless, investors normally only get to know startups from dry, formal documents that make it difficult to connect with the people behind the idea on a personal level. Our innovative video pitch function is designed to remove that barrier, restoring the human touch and making it possible for all parties to truly understand each other.

A Commitment to Privacy

We take digital security very seriously, especially in the wake of much-publicized hacks and data leaks. We protect our users’ invaluable personal details and business ideas by encrypting and storing these in a secure server in an undisclosed location that has earned the moniker of ‘the Fort Knox of Switzerland’ for its impenetrability.

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