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Shark Channel is THE online channel for startups and Investors acting globally.

You will find promising business Ideas, the latest Innovations, engaged Investors, the latest Events and the latest News.

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Shark Channel - in a nutshell

Shark Channel is an international online channel for startups / Ventures and Investors.

Aspiring startups / Ventures pitch their innovations / business models to the ecosystem of investors, venture capitalists, business angels from around the world.

Investors, venture capitalists, business angels find the latest innovations and promising business ideas from the ecosystem of startups / Entrepreneurs / Founders from around the world.

To connect with the right partner the latest digital solutions are used. Pitches are held video based. For the matching process AI is used. Communication between the parties will be initiated remotely.


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Shark Channel - Global Coverage

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Why Shark Channel

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  • 24/7/365 access to Start-Ups, Ventures and Investors.
    You decide when you are ready!
  • Hop on when your startup project is ready, or when it’s time to consider your next investment.

    Shark Channel brings together the tight time schedules of Founders and Investors.

    Get the latest innovations of investor opportunities LIVE, nevertheless in which time zone you are in.

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  • Global reach to startups, Ventures and Investors.
    Get in contact without travelling!
  • Unlike many investment platforms out there, we didn’t limit ourselves to one country or region – The best ideas come from the most unexpected places.

    Plus, in today’s Internet age where business deals can be finalized without ever meeting the other party in person, there’s no excuse for anyone not to expand their search for opportunities to the whole world.

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  • Video based pitch to transmit soft facts and emotions.
    The chemistry has to fit!
  • Investing in a startup bears a certain resemblance to dating – if there is no chemistry, the partnership will soon falter.

    Nonetheless, investors normally only get to know startups from dry, formal documents that make it difficult to connect with the people behind the idea on a personal level.

    Our innovative video pitch function is designed to remove that barrier, restoring the human touch, and making it possible for all parties to truly understand each other.

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  • Startups Ecosystem in all stages with Idea or Prototype existing, Early Stage startup, Established Venture or Growth and Expansion Stage.
  • At Shark Channel we consider any innovative business idea with high growth potential as a startup.

    No matter what development stage you and your team are at.

    If you say: I’m an entrepreneur pursuing my dream and looking for support, you are right on Shark Channel.

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  • Money isn’t the only ingredient for success in entrepreneurship.
    Sometimes other resources are missing.
  • Support is not limited to fundraising, but can also be provided by sharing expertise, professional services or any other kind of aid.

    At Shark Channel founders get the assistance they're looking for and Investors the best products and businesses they seek.

    No transaction fee will be charged, you just have to subscribe.

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  • Engaged Investors Ecosystem with VC Funds, Corporate Ventures, Business Angels, Incubators and Accelerators.
  • At Shark Channel you will find any kind of investor interested in supporting startups – looking for the best products and businesses that are in the pipelines.

    The investors will give people from all walks of life the chance to chase the dream to become an entrepreneur and potentially secure lucrative business deals that might put them on the path to success.