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Nextlane AG
First turnover realized
Miscallaneuous Services
715 (TEUR)
Equity financing
500 (TEUR)

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474+78 781375
What's the problem you want to solve?

Communication is increasinglytaking place via digital video
channels such as videoconferencingvideo conferences,
livestreams and video on demand. Well-known platforms are
YouTube, TikTok, Zoom, MS Teams or Skype. The market for
video platforms and management solutions is growing, the
demand is increasing demand is also increasing among
professional organisations and event organisers.

These large companies have high demands on data security,
individual requirements, design implementation according to
corporate identity, scalable corporate identity, scaling capacities
with increasing numbers of users, interfaces to existing (ERP)
systems, minimisation of manual effort and manual effort and
ownership rights to the content.

Swiss companies from the financial and and industrial
environment as weil as system-relevant service providers react
sensitively to these issues.

For demanding users in the corporate environment, however,
there are only adaptable and secure video management solutions
as weil as livestream and live stream and video platforms.

Judge the relevance of the problem you want to solve.
Describe your solution!

OurCompany develops and operates the livestream and video
platform for professional professional organisations, corporations
and event organisers with high demands. State of the art
technology combined with years of experience and extensive
knowledge of customer requirements has created a platform
platform that enables business clients to implement novel
strategies. strategies.

Nextlane's solution is offered to the customer as Software as a
Service (SaaS) and includes the following:

  • Professional livestream and video platform
  • Self-scaling capacityfor different numbers of users
  • User-friendlyvideo management solution with target groupspecific functionalities
  • lndividualised frontend accordingto the client's corporate identity
  • Interfaces to client-side (ERP) systems (existing and¬†expandable).
  • Handling of copyrights in the client's decision-making area
  • Hosting of the video, meta and statistical data in highly secure
  • data centres in Switzerland on our own infrastructure.
Judge your solution compared with other existing solutions.
Tell us something more about the magic of your idea/solution.

All stakeholders benefit

  • Customers (professional users, corporates): Customers receive the video solution that meets their requirements in terms of functionality and security. The fulfilment of requirements regarding access and data security as weil as customisability are central. Corporate design and functionality requirements are met exactly. Nextlane integrates the customer's existing software solutions via the existing interfaces. The content created and uploaded remains the sole property of the customer.
  • Company (Nextlane AG): The increased willingness to payof this customer segment enables Nextlane to offer a high er price level.
  • Investor (Nextlane AG shareholders): The investor participates in the maximised profit through the increased yield.
Describe your business model. How do you want to earn money?

Our company comprises three business segments:

  • Development and operation of a web-based solution for distribution, management and storage of audio and video content for professional organisations and corporate clients (Media Asset Manager, Subscriptions).
  • Web streaming for radio and TV stations (subscriptions)
  • Provision of services in the field of audio/video streaming and digital event platforms, especially for demanding clients.
Which are the key success factors of your business model?
  • 95% customer retention rate: The vast majority of subscribers are still with us up to three years afterwe started. Nextlane satisfies its customers and loses almost no subscribers. Nextlane has 48 subscribers as of September 2022.
  • Subscribers revenue / fixed costs ratio: The monthly recurring revenue has already risen to a respectable volume. Covering fixed costs with subscriptions alone is Nextlane's next goal. Currently, around 40% offixed costs are covered by subscriptions.
Tell us more about your product calculation.

With infrastructure and personnel, fixed costs exist forthe most part. The variable costs make up a very small part.

How high are the production costs?

Currently, the costs amount to around CHF 55,000 per month.

What's your selling price?

The subscription price ranges between CHF 40 and CHF 5'000 depending on the scope of services.

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SsacuiioereseculMsa vln
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Tell us more about the market you want to reach

Our company already exists in the market and generates ongoing subscription revenue, which is supplemented by services. Key customer segments are:

  • Corporate customers: Financial service providers, energy suppliers, industry.
  • Regularorganisers: churches, communities, states
  • organisations: Cultural and sports associations
  • Media: Radio, TV, Online
What's your estimation of the total market volume?
What's your current market share?
What's your estimation of the market share you are able to reach within the next 2 years?
What are your unique selling points?

Our company has the following advantages over its competitors:

  • Operation of its own server infrastructure enables influence on all all underlying processes.
  • Development of development of our own software enables us to fulfil all customer requirements.
  • Hosting in Switzerland enables the only possible data location for the most solvent customer group.
  • Unique mix of functionalities is tailored to the main target main target group and is constantly being expanded.
  • lndividualised frontends are independent of the video management and of the creator and are connected via the API.
  • Guarantee of the data and information required by the main data and Access security
Are there competitors of your products/services?
If YES: Indicate the most relevant competitors.
  • Swisscom
  • SwissTXT
  • Xtendx
If YES: What is your estimation of the market shares of these competitors?
What's the name of the legal entity of your startup?
GaeeA Ntnxl
In which year was your startup founded?
What is the traction of the founder(s) related to the requirements of your startup?

Our team has a total of around 40 years of experience in the streaming market. We are pioneers of streaming in Switzerland.

Are all relevant key functions covered by the existing founders?
Which are the founders? And which functions do they cover within your startup?
  • Severin Buser: Business Analyst
  • Nicola Concetti: Head of Development
  • Marco Galliker: Marketing and Sales
  • Reto lnderbitzin: Development
  • Dominik Meier: CEO

Provide financial key values of your startup. The turnover of the current year is mandatory.

Values in EUR thousand (TEUR)

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