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Wachmeister AG
Idea existing
Agricultural Production Crops
Alternative Protein
200,000 (TEUR)
5,000,000 (TEUR)

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What's the problem you want to solve?

1. fatigue and lack of energy: caffeine sweets can help people maintain their energy when they feel tired or exhausted.

2. increasing alertness: in situations where increased attention and concentration are required, caffeine sweets can help improve mental alertness.

3. improving performance: caffeine can improve endurance and physical performance, which is why athletes may occasionally use caffeine sweets.

It is important to note that caffeine is a stimulant and can affect individuals differently. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others and may experience undesirable side effects such as sleep disturbances, nervousness or stomach problems. Therefore, it is advisable to consume caffeine sweets with moderation and caution and to observe one's own reactions.

Judge the relevance of the problem you want to solve.
Describe your solution!

The "Wachmeister Caffeine Candies" are a solution that aims to increase energy and alertness in a simple and convenient way. These candies contain caffeine, which acts as a stimulant and can help fight fatigue and improve mental alertness.

The caffeine sweets offer several benefits. Firstly, they provide a quick source of energy, which is particularly useful when you feel tired or exhausted. Because of the caffeine content, they can help boost physical and mental energy, which can lead to increased alertness and concentration.

The sweets also offer a convenient alternative to other caffeinated drinks such as coffee or energy drinks. They are easy to carry and can be taken anywhere, so you can get a quick energy boost on the go.

It is important to note that everyone reacts individually to caffeine. Some people may be sensitive to caffeine and experience unwanted side effects such as nervousness or sleep disturbances. Therefore, it is advisable to consume the sweets in moderation and observe your own reaction.

The "Wachmeister caffeine sweets" thus offer a practical and simple solution to increase energy and alertness when you need a quick energy boost.

Judge your solution compared with other existing solutions.
Tell us something more about the magic of your idea/solution.

The idea behind the "Wachmeister Caffeine Bonbons" is to create a product that offers a simple and practical way to increase alertness and energy. These sweets contain caffeine, which acts as a stimulant and has a stimulating effect on the body.

The basic idea is that people can use these candies in different situations where they need energy and alertness. For example, professionals who work long hours, students during exam periods, travellers on long journeys or people who need an extra source of energy can benefit from the sweets.

Caffeine sweets offer a convenient alternative to other caffeinated drinks such as coffee or energy drinks. They are usually small, handy and easy to carry. This means they can be taken anywhere and consumed quickly and discreetly when needed.

So the idea of "Watchmaster Caffeine Candies" is to provide people with an easy way to increase their alertness and get a boost of energy whenever they need it. It is important to note that the consumption of caffeine can vary from individual to individual and some people are more sensitive to it than others. Therefore, it is advisable to enjoy the sweets in moderation and observe your own reaction.

Describe your business model. How do you want to earn money?

Wachmeister's business model is based on offering Wachmeister caffeine sweets in different distribution channels to generate revenue. The candies are offered for sale in supermarkets, petrol stations, kiosks and online shops.

By selling the caffeine sweets in supermarkets, customers can discover and purchase the products during their regular shopping. Petrol stations offer another distribution option, especially for people on the go who need a quick source of energy. Kiosks, often found in busy areas, allow customers to purchase the sweets in an easily accessible way. In addition, sales are offered through online shops to reach customers in different regions and allow for convenient online purchase.

By selling the Wachmeister caffeine candies through these various distribution channels, the company is able to generate revenue from the sale of the products. Profit is generated by selling the candies at a price that covers the cost of production and a reasonable profit.

Which are the key success factors of your business model?

Wachmeister's key success factors are:

Product quality and effectiveness
Strong branding and awareness
Wide availability in different distribution channels
High customer satisfaction and loyalty
Clear competitive positioning
Innovative capacity
Partnerships and cooperation
These factors form the foundation of Wachmeister's business model and help to win customers, increase customer satisfaction and achieve long-term success.

Tell us more about your product calculation.

The production cost of Wachmeister is 0.59 cents per unit. This cost factor refers to the direct costs of producing the caffeine sweets, including ingredients, packaging and manufacturing processes.

The B2B price of 1 euro per unit is offered to business customers or bulk buyers. This price may vary depending on the agreement, order quantity and customer relationship. The B2B price allows Wachmeister to sell in larger quantities and possibly offer discounts or special conditions.

The selling price to end customers is between 1.99 and 2.50 euros per unit. This price is passed on to individual consumers and can vary depending on the distribution channel, location and market dynamics. The price range allows Wachmeister to target different market segments and ensure competitiveness.

It is important to note that Wachmeister's actual prices may differ from the stated prices as they may be influenced by various factors such as production volumes, negotiations with customers, distribution costs and market factors. Effective pricing takes into account costs, competitiveness, added value of the product and profit margin to ensure that the company remains profitable and appeals to customers.

How high are the production costs?

The production cost of Wachmeister is 0.59 cents per unit. This cost factor includes the direct costs of producing the caffeine sweets, including the costs of ingredients, packaging materials and production processes. By taking these costs into account, the company can determine the total cost of producing a single product. It is important to note that the manufacturing costs of Wachmeister are specific to the company and its production processes and may vary depending on individual circumstances and needs.

How high are the distribution costs?

The stated distribution costs for Wachmeister are between 1 euro and 1.20 euro per unit. These costs include the expenses for the sales and distribution of Wachmeister caffeine sweets to the various sales channels and end customers.

What's your selling price?

The selling price of Wachmeister is between 1.99 euros and 2.50 euros per unit. This price is passed on to end customers and can vary depending on the distribution channel, location and market dynamics. It is important to note that the exact selling price of Wachmeister is within this range and is influenced by various factors, such as the positioning of the product, the competition in the market and the perceived value of the product by customers. The selling price is set to cover both production costs and the company's profit margin, while being competitive and attractive to customers.

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Go to Market
Tell us more about the market you want to reach

We aim to reach a diverse market with our offering of Wachmeister caffeine candies. Our focus is on customers who are looking for a natural energy boost and want to benefit from the invigorating properties of caffeine.

The market we intend to reach encompasses various target groups:

1. Professionals and students: This group consists of individuals who have demanding workdays, need to stay focused, or tackle mentally challenging tasks. Our caffeine candies provide them with a convenient way to enhance their energy and attention naturally, helping them stay productive.

2. Fitness enthusiasts: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts seek natural and healthy options to enhance their performance during workouts. Our caffeine candies can give them the extra energy boost they need to achieve their fitness goals.

3. People with an active lifestyle: Individuals who maintain an active lifestyle and are frequently on the go can benefit from our caffeine candies to sustain their energy levels and combat fatigue. Whether engaging in outdoor activities, traveling, or simply managing their hectic daily routine, our candies offer them a convenient solution.

4. Caffeine enthusiasts: There is also a target audience of people who enjoy the taste and effects of caffeine and are looking for a convenient way to consume it. Our caffeine candies provide them with an enjoyable alternative to traditional caffeine drinks or pills.

To reach this market, we plan to offer our product through various distribution channels. In addition to supermarkets, gas stations, kiosks, and online shops, we aim to establish partnerships with fitness studios, cafes, or other retail stores to expand our reach.

Our marketing strategy focuses on highlighting the benefits and added value of our caffeine candies and targeting our audience through targeted advertising, online presence, and influencer marketing.

Overall, we see a demand for natural, convenient, and invigorating products in the market, and we aim to fill that gap with our high-quality caffeine candies to serve customers seeking a healthy and practical source of energy.

What's your estimation of the total market volume?
What's your current market share?
What's your estimation of the market share you are able to reach within the next 2 years?
Tell us more about your marketing strategy? How would you like to grow? What is your selling strategy?

Our marketing strategy at Wachmeister consists of various measures to increase brand awareness, reach potential customers, and drive the growth of our business.

1. Digital Marketing: We emphasize a strong online presence to reach our target audience. This includes utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with our customers, inform them about news and offers, and build a community. Additionally, we invest in search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) to improve our visibility in online search results.

2. Influencer Marketing: We collaborate with influencers who align with our target audience and have a significant reach. Through partnerships with influencers, we can showcase our caffeine candies to a wider audience and build trust and credibility.

3. Collaborations and Partnerships: We seek partnerships with relevant establishments such as fitness studios, sports events, or health and wellness expos. These collaborations allow us to showcase our products on-site and reach potential customers.

4. Sales Promotion: We utilize sales promotion tactics such as discounts, special offers, or bundle deals to encourage customers to purchase our caffeine candies. Additionally, we occasionally conduct contests or promotions to capture consumer attention and interest.

Our growth strategy revolves around expanding our presence in various distribution channels, including supermarkets, gas stations, kiosks, and online shops. We aim to make our products available in more stores to achieve broader reach and enhance customer accessibility.

Regarding our sales strategy, we focus on strong product presentation to capture customers' attention. We emphasize appealing packaging design that highlights our brand and the added value of our caffeine candies. Additionally, we prioritize friendly and informative customer support to address inquiries and enhance the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, we will continuously analyze customer feedback and market trends to further develop our products and meet the needs of our customers. We will also introduce new product variations or flavors to expand our product range and cater to evolving demands.

Overall, our emphasis lies in building a strong brand, effectively reaching our target audience, and delivering a positive customer experience to drive the growth and success of Wachmeister.

What are your unique selling points?

Our Wachmeister caffeine candies have several unique selling points that set them apart from other products on the market:

1. Natural energy boost: Our candies provide a natural energy boost through the included caffeine. Unlike artificial energy drinks or pills, they do not contain additional stimulating substances and offer a healthier alternative.

2. Convenient application: The candies are available in convenient individual packs that can be taken anywhere. They are easy to consume, providing a quick and hassle-free way to recharge energy without needing to open a beverage or swallow a pill.

3. Diverse flavors: Our caffeine candies come in various delicious flavors. This allows customers to choose their preferred taste and combine a pleasant flavor experience with the invigorating effect of caffeine.

4. High-quality standards: We prioritize the quality of our candies. They are carefully crafted and made with premium ingredients. Our products are produced according to strict quality standards to ensure they deliver an optimal experience to customers.

5. Customer-oriented approach: We value customer feedback and strive for continuous improvement. We aim to meet their needs and offer innovative solutions to fulfill their energy requirements in a healthy and convenient way.

These unique selling points make our Wachmeister caffeine candies an attractive choice for customers seeking a natural energy boost without compromising on enjoyment and convenience.

Are there competitors of your products/services?
If YES: Indicate the most relevant competitors.

The main competitors of Wachmeister in the field of caffeine products such as caffeine drinks and caffeine gummies could be:

1. Red Bull: Red Bull is a globally renowned brand for caffeine-based beverages. They offer a variety of energy drinks that contain caffeine along with other stimulating ingredients.

2. Monster Energy: Monster Energy is another well-known brand for caffeine drinks. They have a wide range of energy drinks available in different flavors and caffeine levels.

3. 5-hour Energy: 5-hour Energy is popular for its small, concentrated energy shots. These shots contain a high dose of caffeine and are often consumed by individuals looking for a quick energy boost.

4. Caffeine Gummies: There are various brands that offer caffeine gummies, such as Military Energy Gum or NeuroGum. These gummies contain a specific amount of caffeine and provide a convenient and chewable alternative to beverages.

In addition to the mentioned competitors, there are numerous other brands offering caffeine drinks and gummies. The market for caffeine products is highly competitive, and it is important to differentiate oneself through quality standards, unique flavors, innovative packaging, or specific target audience focus. Clear brand positioning and an effective marketing strategy can help establish a strong presence in this market.

If YES: What is your estimation of the market shares of these competitors?
What's the name of the legal entity of your startup?
Khädalon yneaipi vtp sTb,TmHacahl
In which year was your startup founded?
What is the traction of the founder(s) related to the requirements of your startup?

The founding team of Wachmeister consists of Kandy Thamilchelvan and Co-Founder Tobias, both of whom bring extensive experience in their respective fields. Kandy brings his expertise in marketing and has gained valuable knowledge in consumer behavior and marketing strategies over the years. His expertise has contributed to establishing the Wachmeister brand and building a strong customer base.

On the other hand, Tobias brings his experience in executive roles in large companies, particularly in team building and sales. He has in-depth knowledge in building efficient teams and developing and implementing sales strategies. Together, Kandy and Tobias complement each other in the Wachmeister founding team and are capable of successfully leading and advancing the company.

By combining their skills and knowledge, they create a strong foundation for the growth of Wachmeister. They focus on targeted marketing to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers. At the same time, they place great importance on building a strong sales structure to make Wachmeister products accessible to a wide customer base. With their expertise in marketing, team building, and sales, they are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the market and position Wachmeister for success.

Are all relevant key functions covered by the existing founders?
If NO: Which key-functions are not covered?

We actively searched for a graphic designer who could take care of our design work, and we are pleased to announce that we have found one. With their expertise, they will help us visually present our brand and create appealing designs for our product portfolio.

In addition, we have also found a Google Ads expert who will assist us in optimizing our online presence and running effective marketing campaigns. Their deep understanding of digital advertising strategies and expertise in utilizing Google Ads will enable us to target our audience effectively and enhance the success of our advertising efforts.

Collaborating with skilled professionals in graphic design and Google Ads is a significant step for our company. It will enable us to create professional and impactful marketing materials while increasing our online visibility. With their contributions, we are confident that we will achieve our marketing goals and propel the growth of Wachmeister forward.

Which are the founders? And which functions do they cover within your startup?

Kandy Thamilchelvan is responsible for marketing and social media advertising, bringing his expertise in these areas to drive brand awareness and reach our target audience effectively. With his knowledge and experience, he will develop and implement marketing strategies to promote Wachmeister and engage with customers through various social media channels.

Tobias Häppt takes charge of networking and sales, utilizing his skills and experience to establish valuable connections and partnerships for the company. His focus is on building strong relationships with potential clients, distributors, and retail outlets, ensuring the widespread availability of Wachmeister products. Through effective sales strategies and business development efforts, Tobias aims to expand our market reach and drive revenue growth.

With Kandy's marketing and social media expertise and Tobias' networking and sales skills, our team is well-equipped to effectively promote and distribute Wachmeister products, fostering brand growth and achieving business objectives.


Provide financial key values of your startup. The turnover of the current year is mandatory.

Values in EUR thousand (TEUR)

Looking for ...
Our preferred deal
How should your ideal investor look like? Do you have any preferences?

As a company, we have certain preferences for an ideal investor who can support our growth. Some characteristics we value include:

1. Industry experience: An investor who has experience or knowledge in our industry, particularly in the consumer goods or food sector, can provide valuable expertise and insights. This industry knowledge can help us navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities more effectively.

2. Network and resources: An investor with an extensive network of contacts and access to valuable resources can support us in expansion, market entry, and scaling. This includes potential distribution channels, collaboration opportunities, and strategic partnerships.

3. Financial support: Having an investor with sufficient financial resources and a willingness to invest in our company is crucial. This enables us to further develop our product, expand our marketing activities, enhance our sales infrastructure, and allocate resources for operational needs.

4. Long-term partnership: We are seeking an investor who is interested in a long-term partnership and shares our vision and goals. Such a partnership is built on trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to the long-term success of the company.

We are open to various investor profiles and would welcome working with partners who support our vision and help us unlock the full potential of Wachmeister.

How should your investor not look like? Are there any investors you are not interested in?

We do not have specific exclusion criteria for potential investors as it can vary on a case-by-case basis. However, there are some factors that may make us less interested in an investor:

1. Lack of industry experience: If an investor has little to no experience or knowledge in our industry, it could make collaboration more challenging. Industry expertise is advantageous for understanding and supporting our specific challenges and opportunities.

2. Short-term mindset: If an investor is solely focused on short-term gains and not interested in a long-term partnership or the growth of our company, it may not align with our long-term strategy and vision.

3. Insufficient resources or networks: If an investor has limited resources or a limited network, it could hinder their ability to support our expansion, market entry, or access new distribution channels.

4. Conflicting values or goals: If an investor holds values or goals that contradict our own or do not align with our company culture and vision, it could lead to disagreements or conflicts.

It is important to note that these criteria are not exhaustive, and we evaluate each potential investor on an individual basis. We are seeking investors who support our vision, seek a long-term partnership, and can contribute to the growth and success of Wachmeister.

Are there already documents concerning the fundraising available?
What is the maximum percentage of participation you are offering for the total funding required?
What's the minimum ticket size, if you need more than one investor?
What's your total funding required?